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in this year's Nike Air Max Day on the special appearance of the Air Max 1 "Master", I believe we must remember. This pair of shoes "master" together with the Nike over the years, 10 pairs of representative Air Max 1 classic elements, and launch a black version for a commercially available version, but the white version is limited to 50 double relatives not only as the exclusive sale, prohibitive. The , the famous Losangeles shoes custom unit The Shoe Surgeon at home; this approach will double limited edition reborn, with white Python wrapped leather uppers, can be said to be very luxurious, and the same 10 colors will be added on the top. This pair of shoes is only specially made. It can be said to be unique. Just look at it. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! although early into the offseason, but Wade still did not forget to exercise, this is in addition to the sun shoes outside, Wade also long in the photos posted on social networks training. of course, sun shoes, this life is still can not stop, after the early drying out the luminous big bottom of Wade's way, 5 "tannins" color, the response is quite good. it's not just today Wade is a personal demonstration launch of the new color WOW5, shoes with the color sand color, with white and black in the bottom Tpu blessing, blessing shoelaces, Logo details, casual combat two not mistake, see Wade a casual outfit, you are not want a pair! Way of, Wade 5, "Black Sand", offer date: 2017-05-27 selling price: $160/1199 yuan APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!"Spider-Man:Homecoming" in the upcoming news you must have heard of the fans, Marvel also recently invited New Balance cooperation campaign, in the classic 530 shoes modeled by spider man's iconic dark red is the main color, the leather uppers printed on wild spider veins. The shoes are now available at the designated store and are priced at $125. Will any of the fans begin? It's not uncommon for to do artistic writing on top of his shoes, but it's impressive enough to bring a pair of pictures with a pair of sneakers. Artist TYP took the classic pictures of Michael Jordan gliding dunk art and painted it on 32 pairs of black Air Jordan 1, which brought unparalleled visual impact.Detailed when cheap foamposites Artest Jordan broke the ribs, look after you will be amazed! 2001 years, Jordan has been retired for three years, is planning a comeback. At that time Artest was the bull effect. Jordan xianlaiwushi also play baseball and this group of young bulls, and Artest and Jordan get stuck. The results of Jordan when defending Artest, Artest broke Jordan's rib. And how is Artest broke Jordan's rib? Artest recently when guest broadcast program, explain in detail the process. Artest said: "we are in Chicago, in the summer, we are together to play baseball." At that time, Artest was 21 years old, is a young. Artest described the mood at that time: "you know, at that age, as long as meet my better opponent, I will automatically switch to the street mode. So when I have the opportunity and Jordan one on one, I decided, I can no matter you are not Jordan, I was a madman, Jordan like me is a madman." "Jordan score every time in my head, I'm tired of being Jordan scored in the head." Artest said Jordan was in the head hit the gray mood. Jordan not only at the head of Artest score, but also with their predator defense let Artest can't do anything on the offensive end, both ends let Artest eat shriveled, this time, Artest finally broke out. "Jordan in the defense of me, you know, if he touched the ball, he has to score on my head, I can't let him touch me. He wanted to steal the ball, so I use all the brute force, put his arm away into his chest. Jordan broke a rib, this is me as a player on the darkest day." he did not hit, Jordan is a madman, I broke his ribs, he touched his chest, about five seconds. Then Jordan said, this is his ball. The game continued, Jordan again in my head and finished a jumper, then he will walk alone." Artest said. Michael · Jordan (Michael Jordan), born in New York in February 17, 1963 Broolyn, former American occupation basketball player, the Secretary shooting guard, nicknamed "the flying man" (Air Jordan). 2003 April 16th, Michael · Jordan in the occupation career the last 76 game against the Wizards home court after the game officially announced his retirement. He is considered the greatest basketball player in history. In September 11, 2009, Michael · Jordan was named Nai · Smith Memorial Basketball Hall of fame recently, Jordan Brand new wave of single products will soon be on the shelves, which includes the shock of the five new colors, AJ5 shoes and a variety of flight jacket series of single products. These include the "Flight Suit West" series, the "Black" series, the "Cement" series, "Camo" series and "Fight Suit East" series. Each series has a jacket, sports pants and the same color AJ5 for you to choose from, its clothing series light, breathable, concise design. While the 5 shoe vamp with a solid color, in addition to the "Black" with other color decorative details, each offering information as follows: Air Jordan V Retro " Fight Suit West" July 1st sale Air Jordan V Pinnacle " Black" - 7 8 on sale Air Jordan V Retro " Cement" August 5 on sale Air Jordan V Retro " Camo" 2 on sale September Air Jordan V Retro " Fight Suit East" 30 on sale September Suits: is available on July 1st and can be purchased at the official website atRelaxation after the is just like the preparation before exercise, to consolidate and optimize the effect of exercise, the integration of the body function and prevent the movement of the body is very important. actually relax after the exercise should have begun, that is to say that the exercise intensity should be adjusted to make the level of metabolism and consumption as much as possible (1 ~ m derivative 0) to reach the normal state. Like engine, although emergency stop and emergency start ability to represent a kind of performance, but certainly there will be a greater damage. after the end of the training should take a walk for a while, it is best to go walking or jogging. If my heart to bear ability is strong enough, even on all fours to climb for a while, these so-called reverse movement can be a good rest normal movement requisition of muscles and ligaments. Until the heartbeat and breathing is basically calm. appropriate to change the way you move. For example, if the training project is anaerobic strength exercise or strength larger is aerobic exercise, then after the end of the training should jog (very slow slow, do not need to breath, can chat with that) 3 ~ 10 laps (specific amount of individualized vary from case to case), the purpose of which is to relax tense muscles and ligaments, and effective consumption of the accumulation of lactic acid, so as to avoid muscle aches after training. If after training already long endurance and low intensity of aerobic training (running) based, then the appropriate rest a few minutes may wish to make a few 100 ~ 200 m sprint, of a change of the stimulation intensity on the nervous system and muscles, do Xu is slow, have zhangyouchi. the most effective relaxation method is to lie prone on the ground to let others with a foot rub, the key parts including calf and thigh, and the shoulder and back. The person lying on the whole body to relax as much as possible. There are people who need teeth itch meat. In addition, suggestions don't tread on the waist, here is his hit what crooked hands, broke up? Ignore the massage of the muscle group after exercise, the muscles can easily become stiff Poly Group expansion, flexibility is not good, in the look (on the girls even in the look are not in the see). If there is no companion, you can sit on the ground with their feet to kick each other two legs, but this can only be on the leg. Other parts can only be used on the fist hand kneading, hand strength than legs. Regular massage muscle is a very good habit, not necessarily in the exercise, can be carried out at any time, while helping to be familiar with and timely monitoring of muscle lesions. stretching, is also a good way to relax, can be the result of tension and semi permanent contraction of muscle and ligament restoration, reduce ache swelling and discomfort. But after training and stretching should arrange after proper rest and relaxation massage, and do not pressure is too high, too hard, want to exercise flexibility can be in the warm-up (adequate warm-up) were. Because the muscle fatigue, flexibility and toughness are poor, it is possible to have a local ligament or muscle tear. do not forget the activities of the neck, shoulder, ankle and waist joints. In general these joints are tense, similar to the "rust" state, not easy accumulation of ache activity. if the exercise does not intend to take a hot bath, it is best not to immediately wash cold bath. Hot water 〉The Air Jordan and Air Force Fusion 2 2 design elements of the shoes, was born in the 80's, which is the earliest hybrid shoes. This time, to be presented to snake effect Nike "Snakeskin" Air Python has landed US version, and will be officially on sale in January 17th. At present, the fine physical map of shoes has been released, the effect is quite good. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. Source: Sneaker PoliticsA historic name in Italian footwear, Fratelli Rossetti is putting on an exhibition at the IFC Mall from October 11 to 24The exhibition showcases the evolution of footwear from the introduction of the tassel to the invention of the ' mannish ' women ' s shoe, to the development of sportswear after the Second World War.With a display of 31 archived shoes, you can also check out the ancient and ethnic shoe collection that includes over 300 different shoes from around the world, collected and treasured by Renzo Rossetti.A recent introduction to the Rossetti lineage is the ' Asia ' shoe: a special preview from the 2013 S/S collection that pays tribute to Chinese culture. A fusion of red, pink and Burgundy, the colour composition is said to represent luck, the Buahinia Blakeana and the Chinese Fringe plant.To celebrate the famous Italy leather goods brand Fratelli Rossetti is located in Shanghai, Hang Lung Plaza store opening, the brand today in the shop holds media preview. Activity that day more than 40 mainstream fashion and lifestyle media to store, brand is responsible for man-made media friends explained in detail the shop decoration style, as well as the Fratelli Rossetti spring / summer 2012 series design inspiration.Neutral, exquisite, unique, unconventional is Fratelli Rossetti 2012 winter female series of all essence. Throughout the series, pattern and the detail of all the shows neutral wind, give the sensory hitherto unknown wonderful impact. As a modern woman, not only has a thirty or forty's last century, people in the dress of the rigorous attitude, but also in the integration of some handsome and unruly.Italian leather footwear label based in Lombardy, Italy, Fratelli Rosetti opened their first store in Harbour City in May 9 Fratelli Rossetti was founded by brothers Renzo and Renato Rossetti in 1968 who were passionate about creating quality footwear that combined tradition and technology. Today the label is managed by Renzo ' s sons Diego, Dario and Luca who has expanded the stores worldwide to 30 shops and the label ' s range from a predominant men ' s leather shoes range to women ' s footwear and an accesories line.Asics recently described as a masterpiece, and recently launched a new color. shoes specially selected 92 years summer Olympic theme color, in all white leather shoes, lining with red, heel place with gray collocation, and in the brand sign place is decorated with tyrant gold. simple and not luxurious design, do you like it? learned that this paragraph can be purchased in the store this spring. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:atmos] this year there will be a variety of " Sport Blue" color matching Air Jordan listing, and now this Air Jordan 14 " Sport Blue" is naturally on the list, with this pale grey vamp dotted with sports blue detail Air Jordan 14 " Sport Blue" will be on August 2 is on sale, and the favorite comrades can note it on the calendar. Item: 487471-004 release date: August 2nd