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As a tribute to a Jeter series, the new Jordan Flight Flex Trainer Jeter with dark blue as the main color shoes lined with blue and white stripes, with white and gold decoration, decorative details. The number of 715855-402, officially on sale in September 20th, love friends please pay attention. 1410829153282_720x450.jpg (84.58 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Flight Flex Trainer Jeter 2014-9-16 09:01 upload 1410829154185_720x450.jpg (73.42 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Flight Flex Trainer Jeter 2014-9-16 09:01 upload 1410829153845_720x450.jpg (71.09 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Flight Flex Trainer Jeter 2014-9-16 09:01 upload 1410829154295_720x450.jpg (56.54 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Flight Flex Trainer Jeter 2014-9-16 09:01 Jordan Flight Flex Trainer upload, Jeter, 00In order to meet the upcoming spring, Nike launched a new color version of its Flyknit NSW Free brand shoes. The new Flyknit woven material production still by the shoe body, because the plasticity of material to release the incomparable visual enjoyment, and equipped with Free 5 has the sole light and comfortable. item: 599459-500 Nike-Free-Flyknit-NSW-Court-Purple-1-540x360.jpg (200.03 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit NSW Purple 2015-3-17 11:02 upload Nike-Free-Flyknit-NSW-Court-Purple-4-540x360.jpg (181.57 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit NSW Purple 2015-3-17 11:02 upload Nike-Free-Flyknit-NSW-Court-Purple-2-540x360.jpg (238.27 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit NSW Purple 2015-3-17 11:02 upload Nike-Free-Flyknit-NSW-Court-Purple-3-540x360.jpg (212.69 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit NSW Purple 2015-3-17 11:02 uploadThis is the first Nike World Basketball Festival ended, each come to participate in the warm-up match team (the United States, France, China, Brazil and Puerto Rico) to get a gift. Nike company to the national team captain of the gear box, which includes a pair of shoes and jerseys version of the world championships World Championships, and if the world championships in Turkey which team won the championship, so each commemorative kit player on the team will have the world basketball festival. 128203373818211.jpg (28.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-18 14:22 upload 128203376024992.jpg (24.29 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-18 14:22 upload Chinese 128203376993974.jpg (24.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-18 14:22 upload 128203381468252.jpg (21.78 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-18 14:22 upload 128203382335442.jpg (20.08 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-18 14:22 upload 0001.jpg (39.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-20 14:53 upload ?adidas, Stan, Smith , basically come out with the image of small white shoes, decorated with different colors, and occasionally there are some different elements, which add different fashion inspiration to these little white shoes. This summer, Adidas Stan Smith many summer elements displayed on the shoes; conch, slippers, ice cream and other exquisite patterns, embroidered by way of carrying white canvas upper, refreshing fun. Currently, this Stan Smith has been listed on the global Adidas designated suppliers, but only female yards. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Nike Kyrie 3 will release a GS exclusive "Mac and Cheese", the color orange vamp collocation silver Swoosh outsole, white with blue pattern. shoes information: Nike Kyrie 3 "Mac and Cheese" color: University, Gold/Game, Royal-Metallic, Silver number: 859466-791 offer date: July 14, 2017 offer price: $100 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get mov jordan 3 katrina 2018 ement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!All elements of the Dimitri Coste x Vans pattern OTW Alomar 2013-12-08 22:41:38 Dimitri Coste French is perhaps the world of Vans shoes, the most crazy people, although France and the United States of California has a considerable distance, but this does not prevent the Dexter spent nearly 25 years in search of a variety of Vans shoes. Today, the collector has been invited to cooperate with Vans's high-end branch Vans OTW, launched a Dimitri Coste x Vans OTW Alomar. The shoes are made of black high-grade leather, and the upper part is made up of a stitching pattern, and then the heel is a different one. The red, black and white comb rings are very attractive. In addition, a red and blue bottom is also very interesting.Air Jordan 8 Low Mike Bibby Kings PE 2013-12-08 22:41:43 tushang recently network exposure the Air Jordan 8 Low Mike Bibby Kings PE about Air Jordan series low shoes version of PE is not difficult to think of a person, he is the Mike Bibby used to wear a variety of Air Jordan series low shoes in the NBA arena, gave us a deep impression. The exposure of the kings PE at home is believed to have brought back memories of Mike Bibby, the king of pizza. At present, this pair of Air Jordan 8 Low Mike Bibby Kings PE appears on the eBay, like friends can go to understand.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Former US basketball star Michael & middot; Jordan sports Jordan against allegations that interesting "time difference": Jordan Sports was established in 1984, formerly known as the "Fujian Daily Jinjiangchendai stream Plant ", in 2000 changed its name to Jordan sports; and the first paragraph" Air Jordan "basketball shoes was born in 1985, 1997" Jordan "officially became independent sub-brand of Nike. One problem is that Michael & middot; Jordan, why go back ? Michael & middot; Michael Jordan my answer is simple: did not know. But if Nike also said "do not know", no one would believe - Jordan sports prospectus recognition (not clear and specific time) Nike had Jordan sports for eight defensive trademark, in its preliminary announcement stage raised objections, but was Trademark Office rejected. Early in the "incident" had speculated that "Jordan sue Jordan," the driving force behind Nike, its direct effect is to attack Jordan sports IPO process - - early March, Nike finally publicly expressed support for Michael & middot; Jordan. However, the annual sales (fiscal 2011) $ 20.9 billion in sales Nike is necessary for Chinese enterprises to go to war less than a fraction of it yourself? Jordan sports is the epitome of the sporting goods industry, "Jinjiang line" here has produced four listed companies: Anta, special steps, 361 degrees, Jordan sports may be the fifth. However, they design from development to marketing prefer to take "free rider" strategy. Even Jordan sports prospectus also admitted: "R & D capabilities generally inadequate; many products or to simply mimic the main, can not form their own style." The most direct manifestation of "Pong" designer and celebrity: as Eddie resistance Adams and Adi King so from a brand name to LOGO are playing the "edge ball" brand - even the most original sense of "361 degree", the early years of name is "Buick"; Jinjiang have more than one company registered the "Yao Ming" "Yi" trademark. These practices are really effective, insiders said:. "Two, three, four-city consumers are eating this set" Jordan sports considered these brands are doing the more outrageous, a - directly to the history of basketball's greatest and most influential business players move over Chinese name brand, more interestingly, 127 registered in Jordan sports Defensive trademarks and product scalability, "Jeffrey & middot; Jordan" and "Marcus & middot; Jordan" (Jordan two son's name) impressively - even Converse famous "five-pointed star" It shows how proactive Jordan sports, it is no wonder Michael & middot; Jordan quit. But this did not constitute grounds Nike "shot" in. In the past, the main goal of these companies is "false international, true localization." As the Olympic was the celebrity endorsement strategy is straightforward: Rockets Yao Ming in the NBA period, to find Rockets players - low prices are also well known to Chinese consumers. But now these sports brands have been tentacles slowly penetrate into foreign countries, especially NBA: NBA Kevin & middot Anta signed in 2010; Garnett - which can be considered from Adidas dug foundation; Pick NBA players through sponsorship McKee dunk contest last year to shine, and the NBA this year, in February and currently the most box-office appeal of Miami form a strategic partnership, the two flagship store opened in Los Angeles synchronization. Even Jordan sports and Adi Wang, also bought a billboard in the NBA - although confined to televised game in China. These moves "violation" Nike's territory, there is the perennial tracking NBA insiders say: to NBA commissioner David & middot; Stein, in the "Jordan sue Jordan" lawsuit, his heart is probably not their support compatriots, because as Nike more by signing big names to enhance brand influence, and David & middot; Stein needs of Chinese enterprises have to sponsor NBA and purchase advertising. However, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Jordan sports, the "go to Jordan" of the company is still a topic that can not be avoided: although its prospectus used for up to 7 explain that he will not and Nike, Jordan on trademark law dispute, but had to display it as the number one risk in the prospectus, and the lawsuit took place. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) : in the streets of Yang City, people often see a middle-aged man buried in shoes. This person is two hearing loss of Chen Shuqing, every day, he must be on the cloth shoes cone out nearly two thousand needles, so as to prop up a family of 3 happy life. (Editor: admin) Europe and America brand shoes eager to defected to the Chinese market as an agent of high-end men's brand Ke Huishan just study from Italy home, this is her third time this year by the Italy Council for the promotion of international trade Italy enterprises invited to visit and discuss cooperation; and in previous years, she went to Italy in the spring and autumn two season order seasonal products. affected by the global financial crisis, Europe and the United States consumer spending is shrinking significantly, once did not pay attention to China market for foreign enterprises to speed up the pace to enter the domestic market this year, trying to enter the domestic market through agents, the conditions are given a lot of concessions than last year. Ke Huishan, together with her by the Italy Council invited to visit Italy, there are dozens of companies responsible person. "now the purchase price of the products fee will be 10% lower than last year, but the promotion expenses also increased support." Ke Huishan bluntly, the foreign enterprise is the value of her relatively mature sales network and brand experience, the agent of Italy brand shoes Mel DEG has more than 100 counters, but also in the Lufthansa mall, Beijing Somerset and other high-end shopping malls sales have been better than. Since the first half of this year, the initiative to find Ke Huishan to discuss cooperation between agents of Europe and the United States enterprises have reached 8, the products involved in women's shoes, bags and so on. and foreign consumption are obviously affected by the financial crisis, the contraction is different, the domestic consumer spending capacity has not been much affected, especially the high-end consumer groups did not substantially reduce spending. Europe and the United States clothing, footwear and other processing enterprises eager to seize the Chinese market "straw"". "An international brand has recently given generous 100 million yuan promotion fee cooperation conditions, in addition to providing advisory fees and other support." An unnamed foreign luxury brand in the domestic authorized operators revealed that domestic agents, licensees introduced this year foreign brands will get a variety of "preferential treatment", because foreign companies want to use sales channels have distributors, authorized dealers hit turnaround". according to agents, since the second half of last year, the number of fairs held in China and European countries has increased, and the number of participating enterprises has also increased compared with previous years. According to the Guangzhou agent even said that last year Italy CCPIT in China organized fairs, only a dozen Italy enterprises to participate, but some time ago the fair exhibitors Italy enterprises increased to more than 40. foreign enterprises have defected to the Chinese market, providing more opportunities for agents. Has been in the country to do brand agent Mr. Lian revealed that this year he plans to expand business, try to do foreign brands in the domestic licensing business, and then the brand management right down to all agents. "the second half of this year to the first half of next year, Beijing will increase a lot of high-end department stores in the past has never exposed foreign brands."." Ke Huishan prediction. Because after more than six months of planning, she introduced a new Italy womanNow on sale Nike Lunar Force 1 "Sheed" color 2013-12-08 23:20:55 Rasheed Wallace and the Air Force 1 has become a legend, and recently in New York 21Mercer shops for sale two new special shoes, both Nike Lunar Force 1 Rasheed Wallace are the theme of the design, heel printed with Rasheed Wallace shot silhouette, color shoes also adopted the New York color, two colors were used the New York Knicks home and away color, while the road version in the end is to increase the gradient effect. While both Lunar Force 1 is very beautiful, but do not know eccentric Rasheed Wallace will like both shoes. Nike KD 6 "PBJ" feet on color multi-map Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:47:12 This weekend, this Durant favorite food to peanut butter and jelly for the inspiration to build the & nbsp; Nike KD 6 "PBJ" color will be in the major Nike store shelves. If you still do not want to start with this color and hesitation, it may wish to look at the small as we bring this group on foot figure reward, hope we can bring some help. Jordan CP3.7 "Bel Air" Real Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:38:52 Jordan Brand & nbsp; classic TV comedy "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" as the inspiration for the design of the & nbsp; "Bel Air" series seems to have become a series, overwhelmed, the series has added a new member, which is g Paul Rees latest generation Boots & nbsp; Jordan CP3.7, shoes purple shoes as the main body, with gray / blue midsole with green ink design, lining is using a & nbsp; & nbsp; "Bel Air "fancy color iconic design. It is reported that this & nbsp; Jordan CP3.7 "Bel Air" color will be available in North America on October 5th time. return to Earth 2013-12-08 23:00:06 Saucony, the people inside the sneakers world, is a rarely mentioned by name. Saucony running shoes is a professional brand from the United States, it is with Brooks, New Balance, Asics running shoes together said the world's four major brands. But removing the Beijing marathon scene, we uncommon people wearing Saucony shoes. On the one hand, the moment of sneakers or basketball shoes, mainly cultural, as Saucony running shoes were born naturally has some acclimatized; on the other hand, Saucony, and no formal agency in the country, so people rarely have the opportunity to experience the Saucony shoes charm. Prior to this, we have heard Saucony most famous story is that it may as American White shoes on behalf of the human foot on land for the first time into the moon. But in 2013, with vintage running shoes "uprising", the more distant from us by means of this brand is also an opportunity to slowly close to us, we find that it has returned to the earth. up early, catch a late set This pair comes from the mid-1990s can be considered the Saucony Grid 9000 was born in the golden age of the shoes, the product of the same period include New Balance 9 thousand lines part of the product line, Nike's Air Max series, Huarache series, adidas EQT series of and so on. When the New Balance With 9 series when it pours thousands of lines earned, Nike Air Max series will push the classic height, the summer of 2012, this double Suacony Grid 9000 was long overdue, since so-called I got up early, but to catch a late set. But whether it is still in the early evening, Saucony finally came with this pair of shoes people's side. From the exterior, this pair of shoes from the inside exudes 1990s atmosphere. Simple but conspicuous Logo placed law-abiding middle of the shoe body; leather material with breathable mesh; generous in the end; simple large shading Road; full of tall shoes, sneakers seem heavy sense, but in fact it is very light. This is the shoes from the 1990s: There is no upper lightweight design, no thin in the end, not the pursuit to enhance the speed performance, to protect and comfort Kyo. Who is the next New Balance? With the New Balance grow in these two years, and it has become a phenomenal topic. Its fame is to make the brand more than the majority of the shoes fans to know and understand, more importantly, make New Balance running shoes this type of retro sneakers as a new force into the basketball shoes, basketball culture based Inside the world of shoes, and quickly recognized by the people. People began to take off some heavy basketball shoes, choose to put more portable, retro suit wearing walking shoes. New Balance is undoubtedly a good head start, then in 2013, who will catch the baton and start a new journey retro run it? Saucony's Grid 9000 is undoubtedly a suitable candidate relay. With New Balance running shoes, like high-end series, Grid 9000 is also a retro look pretty tech running shoes. Saucony's exclusive use of science and technology in the end Grid technology, Grid is the first while providing cushioning and stability midsole technology systems. The use of special elastomer side structure, and then the network connection type system, when the feet touch the ground when the system is under pressure and deformation of the mesh is formed like a tennis racket hitting like and take to absorb impact. And this part can be observed through the soles of our transparent small window. If the Grid technology is reflected in the strength of this pair of shoes hard, then it's unique design these double tongue shoes enhance soft power. Unique parcel within half boots, the situation does not appear like normal deviation of the tongue as a package and it will not be as strong of a total internal shoe design like A right package, and the tongue is very soft, high comfort. Plus make quite a good impression of the shape, Grid 9000 will be an important horse horse ride in the 2013 shoes market. decade sword Let Grid 9000 is that more people know, the shoes magazine from Australia "Sneaker Freaker" contributed. 2012 is the day "Sneaker Freaker" tenth anniversary, to celebrate the tenth anniversary, "SF" founder also carefully selected their observance of the Decade sneakers. The Saucony Grid 9000 Bushwhackers also became the tenth anniversary of the most dazzling joint product inside. It can be said that if there is no double Bushwhackers, people will not just this pair of good shoes had left so impressed. This double Bushwhackers black as the main color of the upper, beige and mint green embellishment is very fresh and natural. Scrub rubber and suede shoes on the overall use of the heel shoes highlights the rich texture. Shoelace buckle with a special cable design process, convenient and simple, this is the biggest difference with other shoes at Grid 9000. Saucony canvas tag on the tongue of people feel fresh. So this is a win-win situation works, on the one hand reflects the "SF" the unique design ideas; the other is this a good pair of shoes to be forgotten exhumed, presented in front of everyone.